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Previous academic training

Credit recognition

  • The students with a previous formation greater than 240 credits can request a credit recognition at the moment of registration, depending on its formation and the Master curriculum.
  • Graduates with a bachelor's degree of 300 credits can request the recognition of 12 credits, equivalent to 2 or 3 subjects of the master.
  • Students with an official Master can request credit recognition of maximum 32 ECTS, corresponding to the theoretical subjects of the Master.
  • Students with recognized professional experience can request the recognition of a maximum of 8 credits.

Credits from a 240 ECTS degree or those related to the Final Project of another Master may not be recognized. 

The requests for the recognitions of the credits will be resolved by the Studies Commission of the Master. The application has to be attached with the preregistration documentation before the closing date.

Download the credit recognition application document

Leveling course

The students preregistered with a previous formation of 180 ECTS or with a degree without direct access to the master, would have to do a leveling course of 60 ECTS. In this course, they will study subjects of the Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology degrees.

They will have to choose subjects from the ones listed below:

Degree in Biomedical Sciences

Code Subject ECTS Year Timetable
101504 Genetics 6 C2-S1 morning
101505 Biostatistics 6 C2-S2 morning
101510 Molecular and Cellular Pathology 6 C2-S1 morning
101516 Genetic engineering 6 C2-S2 morning
101651 Immunology 6 C2-S2 morning
101653 Instrumental techniques I. Cell culture 3 C3-S1 afternoon
101513 Pharmacology 6 C3-S2 afternoon
191528 Advanced Microbiology 6 C3-S2 afternoon
101527 Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine 6 C3-S2 afternoon
101518 Bioinformatics-Systems Biology 6 C3-S1 afternoon
101532 Fundamentals of Neuroscience 9 C3-S1 afternoon
101529 Human Genetics 6 C4-S1 morning
101654 Instrumental techniques II 6 C4-S1  

Degree in Biotechnology

Code Subject ECTS Year Timetable
101619 Immunology and animal cell culture 6 C3-S2 afternoon
101612 Bioinformatics 6 C3-S1 afternoon
101611 Genetic engineering 6 C3-S2 afternoon
101625 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 6 C4-S1 morning
101626 Molecular Pathology and Biomedical Diagnosis 6 C4-S2 morning
101627 Biomedical Biotechnology 6 C4-S1 morning