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Why to study this Master in the UdL?

If you are a graduate and you:

  • feel attraction by the basic, clinical or translational research of human diseases
  • want to do a doctorate related to your studies
  • have doubts and want to know if you like the research world before taking a decision
  • want to study further and achieve an advanced knowledge about the on the biomedical research field
  • want to know what is a research career
  • want to increase your competitive advantage and improve your career prospects

So don’t hesitate, enroll to this master!!

The Biomedical Research Master of Universitat de Lleida offers to students the opportunity to carry out official post-graduate studies of quality, in a reduced group and in a modern academic and research environment, located in Health Science Campus next to the research institute IRBLleida. Being a university locatednpus in a small city allows a close relationship student-professor/researcher and an optimization of spaces, resources and time.