Master's degree in Biomedical Research


Academic profile: Doctorate


Teaching Course Subject
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 CELL COMMUNICATION AND FUNCTION
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 MODEL ORGANISMS IN BIOMEDICINE
Doble titulació: Grau en Nutrició Humana i Dietètica i Grau en Fisioteràpia 1 BIOLOGY AND GENETICS
Degree in Human Nutrition and Diethetics 1 BIOLOGY AND GENETICS
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 1 STRUCTURAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Degree in Biotechnology 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS
Degree in Biotechnology 4 PRACTICUM
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 4 INSTRUMENTAL TECHNIQUES II
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 4 PRACTICAL PROJECT


Research profile: Cicle cel·lular eucariota
Thesis Year Direction
FLRT proteins act as guidance cues for migrating cortical interneurons 2015 Joaquim Egea Navarro i Carme Espinet Mestre
Flrt3: Mecanismes moleculars de senyalització en el desenvolupament dels axons talamocorticals 2015 Joaquim Egea
Analysis Of the expression pattern of transmembrane proteins with extracellular leucine rich repeats (eLRRs) in the developing nervous system 2014 Joaquim Egea
Publications Year Authors Type
Oxidative stress and neurodegenerative diseases: a neurotrophic approach 2015 Espinet C, Gonzalo H, Fleitas C, Menal MJ, Egea J. Review
Ion Channels, guidance molecules, intracellular signaling and transcription factors regulating nervous and vascular system development 2015 Akita T, Kumada T, Yoshihara S, Egea J, Yamagishi S. Review
FLRT3 Is a Robo1-Interacting Protein that Determines Netrin-1 Attraction in Developing Axons 2014 Leyva-Díaz E, del Toro D, Menal MJ, Cambray S, Susín R, Tessier-Lavigne M, Klein R, Egea J, López-Bendito G. Article d'investigació
Desordres Neurològics i psiquiàtrics des de la perspectiva de la biologia del desenvolupament 2014 Egea J Review
Cyclin d1 localizes in the cytoplasm of keratinocytes during skin differentiation and regulates cell-matrix adhesion 2013 Fernández-Hernández R;Rafel M; Fusté NP; Aguayo RS; Casanova JM; Egea J; Ferrezuelo F; Garí E Article d'investigació
Modulating Glypican4 suppresses tumorigenicity of embryonic stem cells while preserving self-renewal and pluripotency 2012 Fico A;De Chevigny A;Egea J;Bösl MR;Cremer H;Maina F;Dono R Article d'investigació
FLRT2 and FLRT3 act as repulsive guidance cues for Unc5-positive neurons. EMBO 2011 YAMAGISHI S*; HAMPEL F*; HATA K; del TORO D; SCHWARK M; KVACHNINA D; BASTMEYER M; YAMASHITA T; TARABYKIN V; KLEIN R#; EGEA J# Article d'investigació
Genetic Ablation of FLRT3 reveals a novel morphogenetic function for the anterior visceral endoderm in suppressing mesoderm differentiation 2008 EGEA J*#; ERLACHER C*#; MONTANEZ E; BURTSCHER I; YAMAGISHI S; HEβ M; HAMPEL F; SANCHEZ R; RODRIGUEZ-MANZANEQUE MT; BOSL MR; FASSLER R; LICKERT H; KLEIN R# Article d'investigació
Differential, Age-dependent MEK-ERK and PI3K-Akt activation by insulin acting as a survival factor during embryonic retinal development 2007 VALENCIANO AI; CORROCHANO S; EGEA J; DE LA VILLA P; COMELLA JX; de la ROSA EJ Article d'investigació
EphA4-Dependent axon guidance is mediated by the RacGAP alpha2-chimaerin 2007 WEGMEYER H; EGEA J; RABE N; GEZELIUS H; FILOSA F; ENJIN A; VAROQUEAUX F; DEININGER K; SCHNUTGEN F; BROSE N; KLEIN R; KULLANDER K; BETZ A Article d'investigació
Bidirectional Eph-ephrin signaling during axon guidance 2007 EGEA J*; KLEIN K* Review
Genetic Analysis of EphA-dependent signalling mechanisms controlling topographic mapping in vivo 2006 DUFOUR A; EGEA J; KULLANDER K; KLEIN R; VANDERHAEGHEN P Article d'investigació
Regulation of EphA4 kinase activity is required for a subset of axon guidance decisions suggesting a key role for receptor clustering in Eph function. 2005 EGEA J#; VIG NISSEN U; DUFOUR A; SAHIN S; GREER P; KULLANDER K; MRSIC-FLOGEL TD; GREENBERG ME; KIEHN O; VANDERHAEGHEN P; KLEIN R Article d'investigació
Trk is a calmodulin-binding protein: implications for receptor processing. 2004 Llovera M*; de Pablo Y*; Egea J*; Encinas M*; Peiro S; Martin-Zanca D; Rocamora N; Comella JX Article d'investigació
Cytokines promote motoneuron survival through the Janus kinase-dependent activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway 2001 Dolcet X, Soler RM, Gould TW, Egea J, Oppenheim RW, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Neuronal survival induced by neurotrophins requires calmodulin 2001 Egea J, Espinet C, Soler RM, Dolcet X, Yuste VJ, Encinas M, Iglesias M, Rocamora N, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
La Viabilitat de la neurona requereix calci 2001 Egea J; Comella JX Review
Nerve growth factor activation of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway is modulated by Ca2+ and calmodulin 2000 Egea J, Espinet C, Soler RM, Peiro S, Rocamora N, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Ca2+ and calmodulin regulate neuronal survival trought the modulation of the intracellular signaling pathways activated by receptors for neurotrophic factors 2000 Comella JX, Egea J, Soler RM, Dolcet X, Espinet C. Article d'investigació
Combined use of the green fluorescent protein and fluorescent-activated cell sorting to select pure populations of transiently PC12 cells 2000 Espinet C, Gómez-Arbonés X, Egea J, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, but not extracellular-regulated kinases, is necessary to mediate brain-derived neurotrophic factor-induced motoneuron survival 1999 Dolcet X*, Egea J*, Soler R, Martin-Zanca D, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Calcium influx activates ERK MAP kinase pathway throught a calmodulin-sensitive mechanism in PC12 cells 1999 Egea J, Espinet C, Comella JX. Review
Receptors of the glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor family of neurotrophic factors signal cell survival through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway in spinal cord motoneurons 1999 Soler RM, Dolcet X, Encinas M, Egea J, Bayascas JR, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Development of Survival Responsiveness to Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Neurotrophin 3 and Neurotrophin 4/5, But Not to Nerve Growth Factor, in Cultured Motoneurons from Chick Embryo Spinal Cord 1998 Becker E, Soler RM, Yuste VJ, Giné E, Sanz C, Egea J, Martín D, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Calmodulin Is Involved in Membrane Depolarization-Mediated Survival of Motoneurons by Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase- and MAPK-Independent Pathways 1998 Soler RM, Egea J, Mintenig GM, Sanz C, Iglesias M, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Calmodulin Modulates Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activation in Response to Membrane Depolarization in PC12 Cells 1998 Egea J, Espinet C, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Apoptosis y cáncer. 1996 Comella JX, Boix J, Soler RM, Iglesias M, Llecha N, Egea J. Capítol de llibre d'investigació