Master's degree in Biomedical Research


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Teaching Course Subject
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 CELL COMMUNICATION AND FUNCTION
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 MASTER'S THESIS
Degree in Medicine 1 MICROSCOPIC ANATOMY
Degree in Human Nutrition and Diethetics 1 HUMAN ANATOMY
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 3 FUNDAMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE
Degree in Medicine 4 NEUROSCIENCE
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research FUNDAMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE


Research profile: Neurobiologia Cel·lular
Thesis Year Direction
Atròfia muscular espinal: Mecanismes patogènics i estratègies terapèutiques en models murins de la malaltia 2016 Calderó Pardo, Jordi; Tarabal Mostazo, Olga
El pèptid relacionat amb el gen de la calcitonina(CGRP) i la seva relació amb la plasticitat dels sitema neuro-muscular 1996 Calderó Pardo, Jordi; Esquerda Colell, Josep Enric.
Publications Year Authors Type
Microglial recruitment and mechanisms involved in the disruption of afferent synaptic terminals on spinal cord motor neurons after acute peripheral nerve injury. 2021 Salvany S.; Casanovas A.; Piedrafita L.; Tarabal O.; Hernández S.; Calderó J.; Esquerda J.E. Article d'investigació
Beneficial effects of dietary supplementation with green tea catechins and cocoa flavanols on aging-related regressive changes in the mouse neuromuscular system 2021 Gras, S.; Blasco, A.; Mòdol Caballero, G.; Tarabal, O.; Casanovas, A.; Piedrafita, L.; Barranco, A.; Das, T.; Rueda, R.; Pereira, S.L.; Navarro, X.; Esquerda, J.E.; Calderó, J. Article d'investigació
The Y172 monoclonal antibody against p-c-Jun (Ser63) is a marker of the postsynaptic compartement of c-type cholinergic afferent synapses on motoneurons 2020 Gatius A; Tarabal O; Cayuela P; Casanovas A; Piedrafita L; Salvany S; Hernandez S; Soler RM; Esquerda JE; Caldero J Article d'investigació
Motoneuron deafferentation and gliosis occur in association with neuromuscular regressive changes during ageing in mice 2020 Blasco A.; Gras S.; Mòdol Caballero G.; Tarabal O.; Casanovas A.; Piedrafita L.; Barranco A.; Das T.; Pereira S.L.; Navarro X.; Rueda R; Esquerda J.E.; Calderó J. Article d'investigació
Localization and dynamic changes of neuregulin-1 at C-type synaptic boutons in association with motor neuron injury and repair 2019 Salvany, S; Casanovas, A; Tarabal, O; Piedrafita, L; Hernández, S; Santafé, M; Soto-Bernardini, M-C; Calderó, J; Schwab, MH; Esquerda, JE Article d'investigació
Glial activation and central synapse loss, but not motoneuron degeneration, are prevented by the sigma-1 receptor agonist PRE-084 in the Smn2B/- mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy 2018 Cerveró C; Blasco A; Tarabal O; Casanovas A; Piedrafita L; Navarro X; Esquerda JE; Calderó J Article d'investigació
Accumulation of poly(A) RNA in nuclear granules enriched in Sam68 in motor neurons from the SMNΔ7 mouse model of SMA 2018 Narcís JO, Tapia O, Tarabal O, Piedrafita L, Calderó J, Berciano MT, Lafarga M Article d'investigació
Cellular bases of the RNA metabolism dysfunction in motor neurons of a murine model of spinal muscular atrophy: role of Cajal bodies and the nucleolus. 2017 Tapia O; Narcís JO; Riancho J; Tarabal O; Pedrafita L; Calderó J; Berciano MT; Lafarga M Article d'investigació
Neuregulin 1-ErbB module in C-bouton synapses on somatic motor neurons: molecular compartmentation and response to peripheral nerve injury 2017 Casanovas A, Salvany S, Lahoz V, Tarabal O, Piedrafita L, Sabater R, Hernández S, Calderó J, Esquerda JE Article d'investigació
Chronic treatment with the AMPA agonist AICAR prevents skeletal muscle pathology but fails to improve clinical outcome in a mouse model of severe spinal muscular atrophy 2016 Cerveró C, Montull N, Tarabal O, Piedrafita L, Esquerda JE, Calderó J Article d'investigació
Neuregulin-1 is concentrated in the postsynaptic subsurface cistern of C-bouton inputs to -motoneurons and altered during motoneuron diseases 2014 Gallart-Palau X, Tarabal O, Casanovas A, Sábado J, Correa FJ, Hereu M, Piedrafita L, Calderó J, Esquerda JE Article d'investigació
Accumulation of misfolded SOD1 in dorsal root ganglion degenerating propioceptive sensory neurons of transgenic mice with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2014 Sábado J; Casanovas A; Tarabal O; Hereu M; Piedrafita L; Calderó J; Esquerda JE Article d'investigació
Mechanisms involved in spinal cord central synapse loss in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy 2014 Tarabal O; Caraballo-Miralles V; Cardona-Rossinyol A; Correa FJ; Olmos G; Lladó J; Esquerda JE; Calderó J Article d'investigació
Neurotoxic Species of Misfolded SOD1(G93A) Recognized by Antibodies Against the P2X(4) Subunit of the ATP Receptor Accumulate in Damaged Neurons of Transgenic Animal Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Scle 2010 Hernández S; Casanovas A; Piedrafita L; Tarabal O; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Lithium prevents excitotoxic cell death of motoneurons in organotypic slice cultures of spinal cord 2010 Calderó J; Brunet N; Tarabal O; Piedrafita L; Hereu M; Ayala V; Esquerda JE Article d'investigació
Excitotoxic Motoneuron Degeneration Induced by Glutamate Receptor Agonists and Mitochondrial Toxins in Organotypic Cultures of Chick Embryo Spinal Cord 2009 Brunet N, Tarabal O, Esquerda JE, Calderó J. Article d'investigació
Strong P2X(4) purinergic receptor-like immunoreactivity is selectively associated with degenerating neurons in Transgenic rodent models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2008 Casanovas A; Hernández S; Tarabal O; Rosselló J; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Excitotoxic motoneuron disease in chick embryo evolves with autophagic neurodegeneration and deregulation of neuromuscular innervation 2007 Calderó J; Tarabal O; Casanovas A; Ciutat D; Casas C; Lladó J; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Survival and death of mature avian motoneurons in organotypic slice culture: trophic requirements for survival and different types of degeneration. 2007 Brunet N; Tarabal O; Portero M; Oppenheim RW; Esquerda JE; Calderó J. Article d'investigació
Protein retention in the endoplasmic reticulum, blockade of programmed cell death and autophagy selectively occur in spinal cord motoneurons after glutamate receptor-mediated injury. 2005 Tarabal O; Calderó J; Casas C; Oppenheim RW; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
El procés degeneratiu de les motoneurones espinals en l'esclerosi lateral amiotròfica (ELA) estudiat en un model experiemental d'excitotoxicitat per glutamat 2003 Esquerda J.E., Calderó J., Casanovas A., Ciutat D., Casas C., Ribera J., Tarabal O. Capítol de llibre d'investigació
Long-lasting aberrant tubulovesicular membrane inclusions accumulate in developing motoneurons after a sublethal excitotoxic insult: a possible model for neural pathology in neurodegenerative disease. 2001 Tarabal O; Calderó J; Lladó J; Oppenheim RW; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Opposing Effects of Excitatory Amino Acids on Chick Embryo Spinal Cord Motoneurons:Excitotoxic Degeneration or Prevention of Programmed Cell Death 1999 Lladó J; Calderó J; Ribera J; Tarabal O; Oppenheim RW; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Nitric oxide synthase in rat neuromuscular junctions and in nerve terminals of Torpedo electric organ:its role as regulator of acetylcholine release 1998 Ribera J; Marsal J; Casanovas A; Hukkanen M; Tarabal O; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Intramuscular nerve sprouting induced by CNTF is associated with increases in CGRP content in mouse motor nerve terminals. 1996 Tarabal O; Calderó J; Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació
Regulation of motoneuronal calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) during axonal growth and neuromuscular synaptic plasticity induced by botulinum toxin in rats. 1996 Tarabal O, Calderó J, Ribera J, Sorribas A, López R, Molgó J, Esquerda JE. Article d'investigació