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Master Biomedical Research     SegellAcreditacioAQU_MIBiomedica_en


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Biomedical Research Master is a fundamental post-graduate formation offer from the University of Lleida. It provides access to the Doctorate program to our graduate students and also it links the academic and the research worlds by  trainning researchers that in the future could work in  IRBLleida or other research institutions.

The quality of the programme has to be valued not only for the theoretical contents but also for the professorate and the researchers that take part in the teaching together with the scientific and technological facilities available to the students. The scientific production in the biomedical area of the professorate of the IRBLleida/UdL is a good sign of the quality of this master program.

The objective of the Master is to train researchers with capacity to develop a research project, with a good knowledge of the experimental models and the most advanced techniques used in biomedical research. The Master also offers tools to undertake professional opportunities in basic and clinical research, in the biotechnology industry, in scientific communication and edition and in research managing.

AQU Accreditation summary